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Process of gathering information for data base on women's movement of Russia started in 1990 before the 1st Independent Women's Forum. In the beginning it was just a card-index. Founders of data base were the Moscow Center for Gender Studies (Anastasia Posadskaya, Valentina Konstantinova, Zoya Khotkina, Tatiana Dorokhina); SAFO (Natalia Filippova, Natalia Abubikirova, Marina Regentova, Natalia Lebedeva, Valeria Tukmanova, Olga Lipovskaya, Tatiana Poddubnaya, Elena Morozova); employees of the Institute of Philisophy of Academy of Sciences (Olga Voronina, Tatiana Klimenkova). By the time of the 2nd Women's Forum (December 1992) Elena Kochkina, Elena Maslova and Lidiya S. Scobtsova joined the team. Data base was transferred to Tatiana Troinova's computer. Later, in 1993-1995 Women's Informational Project (Archive, Data Base, Library - ADL) was in charge of data base. The project was sponsored by the government of Germany through Frauenanstiftung Foundation. Programmers Lidiya Yourovskaya and Tatiana Evstifeyeva led by Tatiana Troinova devoted their brains and hearts to the program product called ZHISET+ (ЖИСЕТ+).

In early 1996 ADL was transformed into several independent organizations based on the same objectives of work; one of them was a non-profit organization Women's Information Network (ZhenSet), the product of the sub-project Data Base.

The main objectives of our activities are collecting, storing and dissemination of information about women and for women. For this reason in 1996 we started project on dissemination of the data base among women's organizations sponsored by Eurasia Foundation. Currently Data base ZHISET+ includes information about 2248 participants of women's movement, 1500 women's organizations and 172 events of women's movement; besides, it includes list of themes related to women's issues in Russia and in foreign countries. On this Web site we have placed only veryfied data including information about women's mass media and Russian Government Agencies which address women's issue. Program means of data base are sufficient enough to be able to respond to various requests, for instance, to make lists of organizations or participants, related to any area of interest, or lists of activists; participants of seminars or workshops; organizations of different regions, etc. Information can be show on display or printed if necessary.

In April 1998 the Directory of Women's Non-Governmental Organizations in Russia & the NIS was published by Women's Information Network. It is disseminated among women's organizations.

We understand that information becomes out of date and organizations change their location. We would be grateful for complete information about your organization, which will be included into data base. New data will be provided to you on a regular basis.