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Blue Bird
Vladivostok – Primorski Krai
Year of establishment
690018, Vladivostok, ul. Volkhovskaya, 2, kv. 77
(4232)462100, (4232)260694
Member(s) of organization
Grin Olga
Melnik Tatyana
Semenova Tatyana Alekseyevna
Sphere of interest
Culture and Culture Policy
Education, Educational Programs
Families, Motherhood and Childhood
History of Women's Movement
Human Rights
Mass Media
Prevention and Elimination of Violence Against Women
Psychology, Psychological Support of Women
More about organization
Center of Support of women's public organizations. Crisis Center for women. Consulting and support service for women's voluntary organizations is part of the Blue Bird Center and aims at development and consolidation of women's voluntary organizations of Primorski Krai with the goal of strengthening women's civil, legal and economic status.Blue Bird's major goals are: - information and consultations for women's initiatives in the areas of education and voluntary activities; - strengthening ties between women's organizations in the city and in the Primorye Region; - development and implementation of educational and training programs for women with a special focus on women's rights education; - development of partnerships with women's organizations and centers of support for women's movement in other countries.Blue Bird is active in the following areas: - establishing an information network of women's organizations of Vladivistok and region; - publication of a quarterly newsletter of women's voluntary organizations, their programs and projects; - creating a database of foundations and other funding sources; - work with government agencies, business, law enforcement, media and public in order to draw their attention to women's problems and enlist their support for women's voluntary organizations; - establishing a crisis service for survivors of rape and domestic violence. - giving workshops: ) on organizational development "Democratic Leadership " "Women's Leadership" "Environmental Leadership " "Feminism and Environmentalism " "Women's Rights, How to Realize Them " ║) Video Training "The Art of Communication " "Non-Violent Conflict Resolution " ╒) Psychological training in personal development "Assertiveness " "Overcoming Despair and Getting Empowered " "Myths in My Life " The funding to establish an information network and to hold a series of seminars in women's leadership is provided by USAID through Eurasia Foundation, Far East Department. Technical and organizational support for the CSWPO is provided by the Far East Department of ISAR, Information Center of the Independent Women's Forum and Moscow Feminist Orientation Center, Moscow and Far East Departments of IREX.

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