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Women Together
Registration status
Novosibirsk – Novosibirsk Region
Year of establishment
Number of members
630099, Novosibirsk, ul. Kamenskaya, 18, 1 et., 1 podyezd
Member(s) of organization
Tyasto Marina Viktorovna √ Co-director
Cherepanova Larisa Yevgenyevna √ Director
Sphere of interest
Culture and Culture Policy
Education, Educational Programs
Health, Medical Problems
Social Empowerment of Women
More about organization
Center of support of women's initiatives "Women together ", a volunteer-based non-profit association established for informational and organizational support, coordination and consolidation of women's movement of Siberia, i.e. bringing together women active in various spheres of social life and setting up a network of communication and mutual support of women's organizations and collectives. Goal of the Center: to support women's initiatives aimed at the improvement of the life of Siberian women.Objectives of the Center: - collection and distribution of information about the existing women's organizations, projects and initiatives, creation of a database on women's movement; - consultations and organizational support for women's organizations and initiative groups, including fundraising, legal and psychological support and recruitment of volunteers; - provision of space for conferences, negotiations, club meetings, training; - mediation between non-profit women's organizations in Siberia, women's businesses and administration; - presentation of women's initiatives in local administration bodies, in state agencies and international organizations and foundations; - organization of training and retraining of women in accordance with their needs, training for leaders and activists of women's movement.History of the Center.Initiative group "Women for Improvement> active since June 1994.received a Eurasia Foundation grant to establish a center of support of women's initiatives "Women together" on July 24, 1995. The center's work started since the date of its registration - August 17, 1995.Women Together Center 1. Prepared and organized a coordination meeting of women of Novosibirsk on September 20, 1995 for over 180 participants along 5 lines of discussion: - legal and political aspects of manifestation and protection of women's interests; - social and economic development of women: employment, business, career; - social and environmental conditions: the health of women is the health of the nation; - personal development of women: education, culture; - social protection and social rehabilitation.2. Organized and held seminars on the development of self-esteem in children, under the guidance of Kay Kay, founder of SEEDS Program (UK), for workers of non-governmental organizations, teachers and social workers.3. Organized seminars and discussions as part of the "Education for life> movement.4. Organized and supported women's clubs: - Bereginya club (Sections: Daughters-Mothers, Grandmothers-Granddaughters) - Ladies' Salon club; - Circle of Sincerity club - Names' celebrations; - Popular culture club;5. Opened the Nice Little Things workshop, assisted in obtaining funding from Caritas.

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