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Network of East-West Women
Moscow – Moscow
Year of establishment
117218, Moscow, Kavkazsky bulvar, 36, kv. 23
Member(s) of organization
Doskich Irina Mikhaylovna
Kochkina Yelena Viktorovna
Kuznetsova-Kasimova Nadezhda Vasilyevna
Venediktova Galina Vladimirovna
Sphere of interest
Culture and Culture Policy
Education, Educational Programs
Health, Medical Problems
History of Women's Movement
Human Rights
Mass Media
Prevention and Elimination of Violence Against Women
Social Empowerment of Women
Women and Ethnic Problems
More about organization
Principles:Network of East-West Women supports actions and organizations, which make it possible for the women from Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union to start a dialogue, to network, to receive education, to perform the functions of activists and exchange information with women in the East and West.Main areas of activity: - establishment of an electronic network for our international self-government, simultaneous discussion of issues of common interest, increasing the level of mutuality in offering help to each other; - organization of foundations to help newly-formed organizations and/or conferences, publications and spontaneous campaigns carried out by women-activists; - support of studies of the history of women's movement in these countries; - providing of information, resources and mail; - help in the establishment of feminist libraries on the requests of local organizations; - organization of formal and informal meetings for women coming from local organizations of our international community; - cooperation with private individuals and organizations in the sphere of mass media, education, environment, health care and political lobbying;Cooperates with the following organizations: -SOS Hotline (Belgrade); - Club of Slovak women (Bratislava); - MADRE (New York); - International PEN Club, Women's department (New York); - MONA (Budapest); - Moscow Center of Gender Studies; - Polish feminist organization (Warsaw); - "Free Feminists" (Sofia); - Federation of Women and Family Planning (Warsaw); - "Feminist Network " (Budapest); - Center of Women Victims of Wars (Zagreb); - Center of Women's Issues Studies of Ukraine (Kiev); - Research Center of Gender Issues (Prague);

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