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Karelian Center of Gender Studies
Registration status
Petrozavodsk – Karelia, Republic
Year of establishment
Number of members
185030, Petrozavodsk, ul. Noybrandenburgskaya, 16a, kv. 36
gendercgs@onego.ru; larakira@onego.ru
Member(s) of organization
Boychenko Larisa Dmitriyevna √ Chair
Sphere of interest
More about organization
Organization's activities are aimed at: - conducting gender studies; - establishing a data bank on the situation of women in Kareliya, and a network of women's organizations; - assessment of women's need of informational, educational, psychological and other types of support; - development and implementation of gender-focused programs, curricula, psychological training, creativity workshops for women; - development of informational infrastructure of women's movement, including publication (newsletters, brochures, etc.), existing domestic and international information networks, promotion of accessibility and openness of information in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation; - monitoring of the observance of women's human rights, including reproductive rights; - development of international cooperation including promotion of, and participation in, educational programs and internships outside Russia; - participation in the implementation of expert programs of regional and municipal development; promotion of cooperation with government administration with the goal of implementing anti- discrimination policy toward women; - establishment of a Crisis Center for women in Petrozavodsk;In December 1995 KCGS representatives took part in the seminar "Legal status of non-profit organizations".In February 1996 - seminar held by a non-governmental organization "Russian-German Exchange ". In-depth interviewing of women - rape survivors in Petrozavodsk.In March 1996 took part in Kareliya-Finland Forum in Kareliya.Upon the request of the Karelian Government Committee on families, youth and children the KCGS prepared the final report of the year 1995.On June 3-4, KCGS in collaboration with the Association of independent women's initiatives and the Information Center of the Independent Women's Forum (Moscow) held the seminar for women's organizations of Petrozavodsk.KCGS is managed by the Chair of the Executive Council. The organization has 20 volunteers and employs women of various professions, such as historians, philologists, sociologists, psychologists, neurologists, physicians, engineers, geologists, biologists, lawyers, journalists.

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