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Women's Humanitarian Collegium named after Philisophova
Registration status
St. Petersburg – St. Petersburg
Year of establishment
Number of members
197110, St. Petersburg, ul. B. Raznochinnaya, 27
(812)2303698, (812)2355715
Member(s) of organization
Fortunatova Galina Anatolyevna √ President
Sphere of interest
Culture and Culture Policy
Education, Educational Programs
History of Women's Movement
Social Empowerment of Women
More about organization
Fundraising to support the publication of the resource book .Preparation for an exhibition dedicated to A. P. Philosophova. Support of educational programs for women. Development of educational programs. Women's Humanitarian College named after A. P. Philosophova is a voluntary association of St Petersburg women working in humanitarian professions. The organization's work is based on principles of equality and voluntary participation.The College's main goals are: - to combine creative efforts of professionals in various fields in order to support women working in the sphere of education, art and literature; - to develop international humanitarian cooperation between women in Russia, CIS and other countries.The College's main objectives are: - to establish special educational structures which would form an alternative perspective of social and cultural issues as perceived by women; - to improve the social status of women and to reflect women's spirituality in modern cultural processes; - to participate in the education and moral development of the young generation and in the improvement of their professional skills.Main areas of activity of Women's Humanitarian College named after A. P. Philosophova:1.ACADEMIC: - to study the historical background and biographies of Russian women of the past, active in political and social life; - to create a resource book ; - development and implementation of curricula of various courses and seminars on women's issues; - organization if a standing seminar on women's education; - collaboration with mass media; - publishing;2. EDUCATIONAL: - organization of conferences, round tables, seminars, exhibitions etc., dedicated to cultural and educational issues; - organization of a Music and Literature Club; - organization of an international club for students and setting up a students' theater as part of this club;3. CHARITABLE: - establishment of a foundation to save the library of Bestuzhev Courses; - organization of charity concerts for veterans, people with disabilities and orphans;Women's Humanitarian College named after A. P. Philosophova was founded by representatives of several organizations, such as the University of Pedagogic, the Woman in Administration International Institute, the House of Children's Art of Petrograd District, Women's Gymnasium of Krasnogvardeiski District, the Kovcheg Art School, ORWELINK Educational Center (the latter is the author of the idea to establish this new women's NGO).

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