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Humanitarian Initiative
Kharkov – â•¥Ukraine
310142, Ukraine, Kharkov, ul. Garibaldi, 7, kv. 75 (Plyasovoy)
Member(s) of organization
Levchenko Yekaterina B.
Malets Irina
Pischulina Olga Nikolayevna
Podgornaya Viktoriya M.
Sphere of interest
Education, Educational Programs
More about organization
HUMANITARIAN INITIATIVE FEMINIST ASSOCIATION Association of researchers and educators who wish to share their knowledge with a wide audience, and in this way to combine professional and public activity.Newsletter:Introduction to the history and theory of feminism, women's culture, women's and feminist movement in the world and in Ukraine; gender issues, problems with acceptance of these issues by the country's academic world and social practice.The Association prepared a number of lectures:1 Feminism: Introduction.2 Feminism: History and Modern Times.3 History of Development of Women's Movement.4 Feminism: Personalities.5 Feminist Theory: Stages of Development.6 Women's Strategies for Politics and Society.7 Gender: What Is It? 6 Women in Culture 9 Was There Matriarchies? Ancient Cultures.10 Did Christianity Free Women, As Promised By Christ? 11 Wife and Hetaera: Two Images of Women in the Classical World 12 Knights' Epos and the Cult of the Lady. Love for Woman As Seen By Men.13 Morals of Royalty and Justification of Women 14 Industrial Revolution and Women's Emancipation 15 Women's Issue as an Issue for All Humanity.16 Women in Modern Society: Stereotypes and Bias.17 Sexism - Forms and Areas of Manifestation

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