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Association of Women with University Education
Registration status
Yerevan – â•¥Armenia
Year of establishment
Number of members
375001, Armenia, Yerevan, ul. Sayat-Nova, 33/41
(8852)522542, (8852)585164
Member(s) of organization
Asratyan Dzhemma Israyelevna
Sphere of interest
Education, Educational Programs
Human Rights
Psychology, Psychological Support of Women
More about organization
- unites women irrespective of their age, race, nationality, religious beliefs and political views; - acts on principles of equal rights, voluntary association, self-management and openness of information.WHO CAN JOIN THE ASSOCIATION? - women with university education, as well as women with a Ph.D. or a doctorate who share the association's goals and are interested in their realization; - women's groups, work collectives, staff of organizations and businesses of all forms of property as collective members of Association; - men who accept the goals and objectives of the association and willing to participate in their realization.ASSOCIATION'S GOALS - to bring together the efforts of women who seek solutions to problems facing the Republic of Armenia in the spheres of education, ethics, environment and economy; - to promote a full realization of women's professional, creative and business potential; - to assist the promotion of women and the improvement of their status in economy, politics and other spheres of activity; - to attract the attention of government and administration to the problems of women; - to lobby the legislators to take women's needs into account; - to participate in the international movement for equal opportunities with men, social development and realization of the UN slogan ; - to join the International Federation of Women with University Education. ASSOCIATION'S ACTIVITIES ARE AIMED AT - development and realization of programs to improve the status of women; - research to explore the problems women face in a society under reforms; - counseling women to help them realize their rights; - establishing contacts with women's organizations, legislative and executive bodies, government institutions on issues related to the Association's sphere of interests and objectives; - organizing training seminars, conferences, round tables and discussions around the issues of women's development, the role of women in the process of democratic, social and economic reforms; - supporting in every possible way the women working in the spheres of administration and policy, education, health care, art and business; - representation of Association's members in the government and administration of the Republic of Armenia, and in international organizations.ASSOCIATION OFFERS ASSISTANCE IN: - counseling women in legal issues and other areas of concern; - providing psychological, employment and other kinds of support for women to facilitate their adaptation to the period of economic transition; - employment of women, by advising them on possible options and training them for jobs that are in demand; - organizing international exchanges of expertise, experts, delegations on a wide range of women's issues; - lobbying on all levels of government and administration for women's needs, in particular those of university educated women, women-scholars, writers, artists; - organizing charitable events in support of women who made a considerable contribution in the development of science, technology, education, and who are now in a precarious situation.IN THE LONG TERM THE ASSOCIATION INTENDS TO ESTABLISH: - Women and politics; - Reforms in Armenia; - Women's vision of the future.

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