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Focus Association
Moscow – Moscow
121151, Moscow, Kutuzovsky prosp., 22, pod. 14a
(095)2493989, (095)2498515
Member(s) of organization
Alekseyeva Yevgeniya
Kachalova Yuliya Nikolayevna
Topoleva Yelena
More about organization
Focus Association joins the resources of the Agency for Social Information, Golubka Center for social and practical education, and the East-West Women's Innovation Foundation. Focus Association helps non-profit organizations gain confidence, overcome internal conflict, find like-minded people and partners. At the same time, it promotes understanding and dialog between the state and the non-profit sectors. To achieve this goal, Focus- holds seminars and provides consultations on social marketing, social advertising and organizational development; - researches organizational and interpersonal problems and needs of organizations, provides comprehensive recommendations and trains in overcoming interpersonal conflicts and in team work.; - provides consultations and services on public relations and on the creation of a public image of the organization; - researches and analyzes various aspects of social problems and the approaches to their solution used by government and non-governmental organizations; - promotes and extends the international experience of civil society development; - organizes round tables, press-conferences, special events promoting social partnership.Source: information of the Focus Association.

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