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St. Petersburg Women's Association
Registration status
St. Petersburg – St. Petersburg
Year of establishment
Number of members
198005, St. Petersburg
Member(s) of organization
Shamayeva Lidiya Stefanovna √ President
Sphere of interest
Human Rights
More about organization
Goals: assistance to women in finding employment, advocacy for their rights and support.18 Betty Friedan, her book , and the ideology of women's destiny.19 Simone de Beauvoir, her book 20 The construction of women's images in modern Ukrainian mass media.21 in the context of modern post-modernist culture.22 Women's way of communication: to copy men's or to improve our own?23 Socioerotic identities in modern culture.24 Woman and Play: how daily life changes if turned into the theater.25 Women's literature: aesthetic, stylistic and psychological features.26 Outstanding women in domestic history and culture.27 Women's health and environment.28 Women and violence.For the first time in Ukraine and CIS the glossary of terms is prepared for publication. The glossary includes over 400 terms describing the situation of women in the world, women's perspective, sex theories, various forms of women's activities, branches of women's movement, stories of famous women-advocates of women's equality, independence and liberation, prominent international and national women's organizations and their contribution into the real equality of women and men. This glossary may be interesting both to women-activists and to scholars, teachers and educators. There you will find new feminist interpretations of familiar concepts as well as definitions of little-known terms. The glossary will be distributed by the Humanitarian Initiative Feminist Association.

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