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To find information about organizations you have to use one of three tabs:
"BY TITLES" (in order of name of organization),
"BY INTEREST" (in order of sphere of interest),
"BY AREA" (in order of area of location).

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D Dar – Vladikavkaz [Severnaya Osetiya-Alaniya, Republic]
Department of Women's Movement of History Museum – Moscow [Moscow]
Department on Family, Women and Children with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development – Moscow [Moscow]
Djuna - Businesswoman – Ekaterinburg [Sverdlovsk Region]
DZhEN Club – Moscow [Moscow]
E East-West Women's Innovation Fund – Moscow [Moscow]
Ecojuris – Moscow [Moscow]
Employment Exchange of Women's Home Labor – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Equality and Peace Association – Moscow [Moscow]
F FALTA (Feminist Alternative) – Moscow [Moscow]
Families of Pribaikalye – Irkutsk [Irkutsk Region]
Federation of Women for Peace in the World – Ekaterinburg [Sverdlovsk Region]
Femida – Novosibirsk [Novosibirsk Region]
Femina – Moscow [Moscow]
Femina – Naberezhnye Chelny [Tatarstan, Republic]
Feminist League – Alma-Ata [â•¥Kazakhstan]
Foundation in Support of Women's Initiatives – Kemerovo [Kemerovo Region]
Future of the Woman – Moscow [Moscow]
Future of the Woman Center – Moscow [Moscow]
Gaya – Moscow [Moscow]
Gloria – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Goluba – Moscow [Moscow]
H Hera – Moscow [Moscow]
I Independent Social Women's Center of Pskov Region – Pskov [Pskov Region]
Information Center of Independent Women's Forum (ICIWF) – Moscow [Moscow]
Initiative Women's League (LI) – Saratov [Saratov Region]
INO Creative Laboratory – Moscow [Moscow]
International Women's Center La Strada – Kiev [â•¥Ukraine]
Interregional Association of Independent Women's Groups (AIWG). – Moscow [Moscow]
Irida – Moscow [Moscow]

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