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K Karelian Center of Gender Studies – Petrozavodsk [Karelia, Republic]
Kesher Project – Zelenograd [Moscow]
Kesher-Kirovograd Project – Kirovograd [╥Ukraine]
Krasnoselsk World – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Krepysh (Healthy Baby) – Vladivostok [Primorski Krai ]
L Labris – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Ladies Trustee Committee of Russia Nobility Assembly – Moscow [Moscow]
LADY LEADER – Moscow [Moscow]
LAMMA (Leningrad Association of Low Income Mothers) – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
LANA – Nizhni Tagil [Sverdlovsk Region]
Law and Women's Rights – Moscow [Moscow]
Leningradka (Leningrad Woman) – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Lyubavy – Kaluga [Kaluga Region]
M Magee – Moscow [Moscow]
Magistra – Nizhni Novgorod [Nizhni Novgorod Region]
Maria – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Maria – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Mir Zhenschiny (Woman's World) – Moscow [Moscow]
Modern Woman Center – Moscow [Moscow]
Moscow Center of Gender Studies – Moscow [Moscow]
Moscow City Council of Women – Moscow [Moscow]
Moscow Mayor's Office – Moscow [Moscow]
Moskvichki (Moscow Women) Club – Moscow [Moscow]
Mother and Child – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Mother's Right Fund – Moscow [Moscow]
Movement of Mothers for Social Justice – Moscow [Moscow]
Movement of Russian Women, All-Russian Public Political Movement (MRW) – Kazan [Tatarstan, Republic]
Movement of Russian Women, All-Russian Public Political Movement (MRW) – Moscow [Moscow]
Movement of Russian Women, All-Russian Public Political Movement (MRW) – Penza [Penza Region]
Movement of Russian Women, All-Russian Public Political Movement (MRW) – Vladimir [Vladimir Region]
Movement of Women for Health of the Nation – Moscow [Moscow]
N Nadezhda (Hope) – Moscow [Moscow]
Nadezhda (Hope) – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Nadezhda (Hope) – Volgograd [Volgograd Region]
Nadezhda (Hope) Association – Kamensk-Shakhtinsky [Rostov Region]
Nadezhda-Ars – Arsenyev [Primorski Krai ]
Network of East-West Women – Moscow [Moscow]
Nina-Blagovest – Moscow [Moscow]
Non-governmental Women's Movement of Kama Region – Perm [Perm Region]
Novgorod Regional Women's Council – Novgorod [Novgorod Region]
Novgorod Women's Parliament – Novgorod [Novgorod Region]
O ONA (She) – Moscow [Moscow]
Open Dialogue on Reproductive Rights – Moscow [Moscow]
Organization of Women of Tula – Tula [Tula Region]
P Patriotic Union of Women – Moscow [Moscow]
Prologue – Zhukovsky [Moscow Region]
Protection of Rights of Azerbaijan Women – Baku [╥Azerbaijan]
Psychological Crisis Center for Women – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Public Association on Women, Protection of the Family, Motherhood and Childhood – Krymsk [Krasnodar Territory]
R Raduga (Rainbow) – Murmansk [Murmansk Region]
Realists Club Women's Section – Moscow [Moscow]
Region Council of Women – Stavropol [Stavropol Territory]
Regional Fund in Support of Women's Entrepreneurship – Ekaterinburg [Sverdlovsk Region]
Regional Union of Women – Ivanovo [Ivanovo Region]
Retraining – Moscow [Moscow]
RF Ministry of General and Professional Education – Moscow [Moscow]
Rossiya (Russia) – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Rossiyanka (Russian Woman) – Moscow [Moscow]
Rozrada (Solace) – Kiev [╥Ukraine]

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