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5 50/50 Women-Voters' of Ukraine League – Kiev [╥Ukraine]
A Aksinya – Novocherkassk [Rostov Region]
Alliance of American and Russian women – Moscow [Moscow]
Almos – Nazran [Ingooshetia Republic]
Alternative – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Angara – Irkutsk [Irkutsk Region]
ANNA Crisis Center for Women – Moscow [Moscow]
Association of Businesswomen – Norilsk [Krasnoyarsk Territory]
Association of Businesswomen – Pervouralsk [Sverdlovsk Region]
Association of Businesswomen – Tula [Tula Region]
Association of Humanitarian Initiatives – Mirny [Sakha (Yakutia), Republic]
Association of Independent Women's Initiatives (ANGI ) – Tver [Tver Region]
Association of Mothers of Large Families – Kaliningrad [Kaliningrad Region]
Association of Russian Women Entrepreneurs (ARWE) – Moscow [Moscow]
Association of Russian Women with University Education – Moscow [Moscow]
Association of Women Entrepreneurs – Tver [Tver Region]
Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Bashkortostan Republic – Ufa [Bashkortostan, Republic]
Association of Women in Law Enforcement of St. Petersburg – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Association of Women Journalists – Moscow [Moscow]
Atlantida – Moscow [Moscow]
Aviatrix – Moscow [Moscow]
Azaria - Mothers Against Drugs – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
B Baba Yaga Club – Novosibirsk [Novosibirsk Region]
Beloved City – Kimry [Moscow Region]
Business Woman – Ivanovo [Ivanovo Region]
Businesswoman – Irkutsk [Irkutsk Region]
C Center of Ethnic and Gender Studies – Moscow [Moscow]
Center of Expert and Informational Support of Social Initiatives (ESCI) – Moscow [Moscow]
Center of formation of sexual culture – Yaroslavl [Yaroslavl Region]
Center of Gender Studies – Minsk [╥Belarus]
Center of Information, Consultations and Support for Women – Nizhni Novgorod [Nizhni Novgorod Region]
Center of Integration of Women's Studies of St. Petersburg State University – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Center of International School and Youth Tourism – Moscow [Moscow]
Center of Support for Women's Initiatives – Cheboksary [Chuvash Republic]
Center of support of non-profit organizations – Tomsk [Tomsk Region]
Center of Support of Women's Initiative – Moscow [Moscow]
Center of Women's Initiatives – Tosno [Leningrad Region]
Center of Women's Management – Ufa [Bashkortostan, Republic]
Center of Women's Studies – Tomsk [Tomsk Region]
Center of Women, Families and Gender Studies – Moscow [Moscow]
Charity – Balakovo [Saratov Region]
City-based Women's Council – Petrozavodsk [Karelia, Republic]
Club of Business Women – Tver [Tver Region]
Club of Businesswomen of Perm Region – Perm [Perm Region]
Club of Professional Women – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Club of Veterans of Women's Movement – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Club of Women Entrepreneurs – Komsomolsk-on-Amur [Khabarovsk Territory]
Club of Women Interfering in Politics – Moscow [Moscow]
Commission on Social Policies with the RF Federal Assembly Council of the Federation – Moscow [Moscow]
Commission on the Legal Status of Women with the Union of Lawyers International Non-governmental Ass – Moscow [Moscow]
Commission on the Status of Women with the Government of the Russian Federation – Moscow [Moscow]
Committee of Social and Legal Protect. of Citizens – Volgograd [Volgograd Region]
Committee of Soldiers' Mothers – Bryansk [Bryanskaya Region]
Committee of Soldiers' Mothers – Kirov [Kirov Region]
Committee of Soldiers' Mothers – Vladimir [Vladimir Region]
Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Astrakhan Region (Oblast) – Astrakhan [Astrakhan Region]
Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia – Moscow [Moscow]
Confederation of Businesswomen of Russia – Moscow [Moscow]
Congress of Women of Kola Peninsula – Murmansk [Murmansk Region]
Consortium of Women's Non-governmental Associations – Moscow [Moscow]
Conversion and Women – Moscow [Moscow]
Council of Mothers of Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan – Krasnoyarsk [Krasnoyarsk Territory]
Council of Women – Orenburg [Orenburg Region]
Crisis Center for Women – Irkutsk [Irkutsk Region]
Crisis Center with Karelian Center of Gender Studies – Petrozavodsk [Karelia, Republic]
Cyber Femin Club – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]

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