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W West Siberian Association of Girl Scouts – Omsk [Omsk Region]
Woman and Family Center – Moscow [Moscow]
Woman in Administration, Institute – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Woman Plus... – Moscow [Moscow]
Woman's Light – Tver [Tver Region]
Woman's World – Moscow [Moscow]
Women and Development Association – Moscow [Moscow]
Women for a World Without Wars and Violence ! – Novocherkassk [Rostov Region]
Women for Peace and Harmony – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Women for Social Democracy – Moscow [Moscow]
Women for Survival Movement – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Women in Business – Ulan-Ude [Buryatia, Republic]
Women in Science – Ufa [Bashkortostan, Republic]
Women in Science and Education Association – Moscow [Moscow]
Women in Science and Education Association – Voronezh [Voronezh Region]
Women Mathematicians – Moscow [Moscow]
Women Mathematicians – Nizhni Novgorod [Nizhni Novgorod Region]
Women of Leningrad Region – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Women of Russia – Moscow [Moscow]
Women of Russia – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Women of the Closed Administrative Territory – Snezhinsk [Chelyabinsk Region]
Women of the Don Union – Novocherkassk [Rostov Region]
Women of the World in Politics and Business – Moscow [Moscow]
Women's Club of Humanistic Technologies Center – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Women's Club of the Jewish Association of St. Petersburg – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Women's Council – Belgorod [Belgorod Region]
Women's Council – Novokuznetsk [Kemerovo Region]
Women's Council – Vladimir [Vladimir Region]
Women's Forum - New Politics – Volgograd [Volgograd Region]
Women's Information Network (ZhenSet) – Moscow [Moscow]
Women's Initiative – Moscow [Moscow]
Women's Initiative – Tomsk [Tomsk Region]
Women's Initiative Creative Association – Novosibirsk [Novosibirsk Region]
Women's League – Moscow [Moscow]
Women's Organization with Local History Museum – Taldom [Moscow Region]
Women's Unity – Moscow [Moscow]
Women's Unity in Cooperation – Moscow [Moscow]
X Xenia Widows' Society – St. Petersburg [St. Petersburg]
Y Yaroslavna – Moscow [Moscow]
You and We – Moscow [Moscow]
Z Zhinocha Hromada (Women's Community), Tatarbunary Branch – Tatarbunary [â•¥Ukraine]
Zonta International Moscow II Club – Moscow [Moscow]

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